Share house

Share House Share Accommodation Nagoya Aichi Japan

About us

Mi lived in Spain for 1year when she was university student,and
stayed in sharehouse with native Spanish.
She also spent her life in Nagoya in living in exchange student regidence.
She really enjoyed staying in sharehouse,and join sharehouse management.
Her hobby is travelling,Flamenco and baking bread.

Ryo is working for consulting member farm.
He spent his childhood in U.K.
He likes to travels abroad with backpack,and stays hostel.
He travels around Japan by bicycle when he was university.
His hobby is travelling,Marathon and cooking.

Meg is working for event planning company.
She stayed in Australia with working holiday viza.
She participated SWY program and enjoyed travelling
with 12 different countries friends,
and found a lot of interesting culturaldifferences.
After that,she stayed in Norway and lived with Philippino,
German,and Porlish in shahouse.She really enjoyed
living with many countries friends.
Her hobby is Hawaiian Dance,travelling and Yoga.